Sándor Ferenczi - Interdisciplinary Approaches

“Sándor Ferenczi - Interdisciplinary Approaches”  

on 13 and 14 September 2018 at CAS in Seestraße 13.  

International Workshop organized by Jenny Willner
(CAS Junior Researcher in Residence) 

 Speakers: Shaul Bar-Haim (Essex), Peter Coviello (Chicago), Brigid Doherty (Princeton), Júlia Gyimesi (Budapest), Galina Hristeva (Stuttgart), Eveline List (Wien), Raluca Soreanu (London), Jakob Staberg (Södertörn), Andrea Ritter (Budapest). 

On 13 September at 6.15 pm Carlo Bonomi (Florence)
will give an Evening Lecture on
Ferenczi´s Thalassa Myth and “The Great Lord Penis”.

A Deconstruction of Freud´s Genital Theory.

We would like to kindly ask you to register by 5 September 2018info@cas.lmu.de.
All registered participants will receive a bilingual (German/English) workshop reader as a PDF for preparation.

Ort: Berlin