Getting Older


Getting Older: How to deal with Unconscious Wishes, Realities and Transience in Psychoanalytic Institutions?

We suggest to reflect on  our ageing process, on the ageing society in general and especially on the ageing psychoanalytic community. What does ageing mean to those who are in office and responsible for our institutional life in psychoanalysis? As we learnt again at the recent EPF-forum on ageing in The Hague there are many conflicts and open questions in this field and it can be very helpful to exchange the experiences and ideas and useful to network.

We invite the presidents of EPF-societies or other officers of the societies who are engaged in this field to a seminar on Saturday 30th of September and Sunday 1st of October in the EPF-House in Brussels.

More details you will find in the attachment.

We are looking forward to meet you in Brussels

Gabriele Junkers
Former EPF Bulletin Editor
Editor of “The Empty Couch”

Martin Teising
Former DPV-President
European Representative at the IPA-Board

Ort: Brüssel